Chinese Factory 65 Mn Steel Spring Band Harden-color Hose Clamp

China factory 65mn Spring Band Hose Clamp Mainly use in Automobile industry, auto parts industry, agriculture, sanitary ware, medical treatment, plastic industry, machinery oil, pipe joints etc.Spring hose clamp production process is simple, can be forming with one time stamping , use spring steel elasticity to achieve the tightening function, installation speed is fast, simple structure, long service life, can be used for many times.For future information and products details,pls feel free to contact us. Spring hose clamps is the best choice for hose spigot systems that are exposed to significant temperature fluctuations. Once installed, their dynamic spring properties ensure an automatic re-tensioning effect over long periods of time. Main market:  Japan, South Korea, Russia, Ecuador and so on.

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China factory 65mn Spring Band Hose Clamp are self-tensioning sealing components, which ensure a leak-free sealing of hose/spigot joints. Utilizing austempered, high-tensile chrome-vanadium spring steel, the final product indicates great flexibility and strength, ensuring a reliable, leak-proof connection of a hose to a fitting. Once the Spring Hose clamp is installed on the hose joint, there will not be any need to re-torque or re-adjust the clamp over time (compared to a typical screw type clamp).

China factory 65mn Spring Band Hose Clamp as hose clamps have proven themselves in the water cooling sector and have become essential for many users and systems.

Hose clamps are important for fixation of tubing on barbed fittings without a union nut. These spring band clamps can be opened hassle-free by hand without any tools. It’s even easier with pliers!


Parameters Details


Bandwidth 6/8/10/12/15mm


Thickness 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.0mm


Size 4-52mm


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TO Part No.


Band Surface Treatment


65Mn Spring Steel

Zinc Plated


65Mn Spring Steel



65Mn Spring Steel


vd Application

China factory 65mn Spring Band Hose Clamp have a wide range of use, can resist the corrosionand, rust in marin environments. The products are workmanship and durability.

Clamps are dopted in securing hoses, pipe, cable, tube, fuel lines etc.Perfect to apply in both indoor and outdoor situation as automotive, industrial, boat, marine,shield, household and so on.

spring hose clamp are self-tightening, sealing elements made from tempered spring band steel offeringa high level of flexible to ensure reliable, leak proof connection of a hose to s fitting.

Re-torque and re-adjustment are not required after installation.

Maintains constant tension throughout all pressure and fluid systems of almost any application.

Leak-proof solution for applications, ranging-40°F-392°F



vd Product List

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