EPDM Black Rubber Stainless Steel 316 Lined P Clip

Rubber lined p clip mainly use in new energy vehicles, Marine/Marine engineering, electronics, railways, engines, aviation, electric locomotives etc.The wrapping rubber provides excellent protection to the fixed wire and pipe, with good flexibility, smooth surface, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, good impact resistance, waterproof, oil-proof and dustproof.For future information and products details,pls feel free to contact us.   Main market: Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

Products Details

vd Description P clips are used extensively in many industries for securing pipes, hoses and cables. The snug fitting EPDM liner enables the clips to clamp the pipes, hoses and cables firmly without any possibilty of chafing or damage to the surface of the component being clamped. The liner also absorbs vibration and prevents water penetration into the clamping area, with the added advantage of accomodating size variations due to temperature changes. EPDM is chosen for its resistance to oils, greases and wide temperature tolerances. The P Clip band has a special strengthening rib which keeps the clip flush to the bolted surface. The fixing holes are pierced to accept a standard M6 bolt, with the lower hole being enlonged to allow for any adjustment that may be necessary when lining up the fixing holes.


Parameters Details


Bandwidth*thickness 12*0.6/15*0.8/20*0.8/20*1.0mm


Size 6-mm to 74mm and so on


Hole Size M5/M6/M8/M10


Rubber Material  PVC, EPDM and silicone


Rubber Color Black/ Red/Blue/Yellow/White/ Grey


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OEM/ODM OEM /ODM is welcome
vd Product Components   reg rubber clip (2) vd Material

TO Part No.






Galvanized Steel




SS200/SS300 Series






vd Application Made from 304 Premium Stainless steel material with quality rubber cushioned. Salt resistant, anti rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof, oil-proof. Clamps are sturdy, strong and reliable. The quality rubber insulation on the clamps holds up flawlessly. It is pliable which protect the tube well and keeps the clamp securely in place. Used extensively in many industries for securing pipes, hoses and cables; The liner also absorbs vibration and prevents water penetration; The snug fitting EPDM liner enables the clips to clampthe pipes, hoses and cables firmly; Bandwidth and mounting hose sizes vary by diameter and material; Clamps are marine grade. Perfect to apply in automotive, industrial, boat/marine, windshield, household etc. for wiring, cables, pipe, rack, line management and restoration. No matter in salt water/air environment. 胶条应用      

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