Hose Clamp British Type High Torque with blue head

super quality british type stainless steel pipe clips with blue head  are widely used in civil residences, office buildings, workshops, port terminals, power stations (water, coal, nuclear, photovoltaic ), terminals, railway stations, bus stations, stadiums, hospitals, schools, etc. Equipment and pipelines for fire engineering, HVAC engineering, oil transportation engineering, gas engineering .Then edges are rounded without hurting the hose, the twisting is smooth and reusable. For further information or products details,please feel free to contact us.   british hose clamp with color housing Main Market: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Products Details

vd Product Description English Type Hose Clamp With Blue Head feature non-perforated bands to prevent breakage, along with rolled up, round band edges to minimize wear and the risk of leaks. Hex head worm screw and vibration-proof six degree thread pitch provides superior clamping and sealing, and allows these clamps to be used over and over.They are used across a number of different industries including passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle ,industrial-manufacturing and more
  • High clamping force
  • High breaking torque
  • Protection of the hose thanks to the smooth band underside
  • Every clamp is date stamped for traceability
  • Extra strong one-piece pressed housing
  • Rolled-up band edges


Parameters Details


Bandwidth*thickness 1) zinc plated :9.7*0.8mm/11.7*0.9mm
2) stainless steel:9.7*0.8mm/11.7*0.9mm


Size 9.5-12 mm to all


Screw A/F 7mm


Break Torque 3.5N.m-5.0N.m


OEM/ODM OEM /ODM is welcome
vd Product  Components   wffw 英兰11_01   vd Material

TO Part No.







Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel



SS200 /SS300Series

Galvanized Steel

SS200 /SS300Series

vd Tightening Torque Free Torque: 9.7mm&11.7mm  ≤ 1.0N.m Load Torque: 9.7mm  band  ≥ 3.5N.m 11.7mm  band ≥ 5.0N.m vd Application     Machine building Chemical industry Irrigation systems Railway Agricultural machines Building machines Marine 1 (2)  

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