Round Constant Tension High Torque 15.8mm With Stainless Steel Washer Fitting

Heavy duty American type hose clamp is widely used on the joints of oil, gas, liquid and rubber hose of the automobile, ship, tractor, sprinkler, gasoline engine, diesel engine and other mechanical equipment, and also in the Construction, fire and other fields of industry. With the characteristics of large torque, high fastness, and unlimited length, it can be easily used in some large volume . Heavy duty American type hose clamp are available in SS200 series and SS300 series. For further information or products details, please feel free to contact us.   Main market:American ,Turkey,Columbia and Russia.

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The recommended installation torque is ≥15N.m

The standard implemented by American clamps is: SAE J1508 Among them, TYPE F is a typical worm gear clamp in this implementation standard. Has been designing and manufacturing high-quality hose clamp fastening products for various industrial and commercial pipe fittings application systems. Our team works closely with customers in various industrial markets-automobiles, locomotives, ships, mining, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, communication equipment, food machinery, sewage treatment, construction engineering, agricultural machinery and other industries.

Use constant torque hose clamp on the heating and cooling systems. They are worm-drive and provide a series of spring washers. The constant torque hose clamp design automatically adjusts its diameter. It compensates for the normal expansion and construction of hose and tubing during vehicle operation and shutdown. Clamps prevent leakage and rupture problems caused by cold flow or changes in the environment or operating temperature.

Since the constant torque clamp is self-adjusting to keep a consistent sealing pressure, you don’t need to retorque the hose clamp regularly. Proper torque installation should be checked at room temperature.

 Band material   stainless steel 301,stainless steel 304,stainless steel 316
  Band Thickness    Stainless steel 
 Band width   15.8mm
 Wrench   8mm
 Housing Material   stainless steel or galvanized iron
  Screw style  W2  W4/5
 Hex screw  Hex screw
 Model number   As your requirement
 Structure   Swivel clamp
Product feature Volt-endurance;torque balance;large adjustment range
  vd Product Components erg美式重型长螺丝22_01 vd Material

TO Part No.








SS200/SS300 series

SS200/SS300 series





SS200/SS300 series

SS200/SS300 series

SS200/SS300 series

SS200/SS300 series


This product is mainly used on the large engine slower moving vehicles e.g. earth movers, trucks and tractors


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